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We are an eco base and camp on the Croatian island Brac, organising events and seminars to create a new culture in which we seek to live in harmony with the Earth and each other. Brac is the focus of a heart chakra in the Earth, which is presently unfolding, and an ideal place to meet people, relax and return home full of inspiration. Check out our news here and on facebook.

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The 5th International 'Lifenet' meeting will take place on site from 17.6.-22.6. calling everyone who works with the multidimensional reality of the Earth.

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Upcoming events
19.3. Sewing cloth bags
Spring equinox
Geodesic dome
6.5.-7.5. Dry-stone walling
Permaculture Design
'Lifenet' gathering
22.6.-26.6. 'Lifenet' journey
Workshops | Celebrations

We completed the workshop series 'Sustainability on the island', which was funded by the ministry for regional development. 191 adults and children from the local school in Milna attended.

Stone Circle Auditorium
Titled 'Honouring the power of the heart' we have created a unique performance space in Milna, Brac. Thank you for all your hands-on support and donations.
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