We have set up the Gea Viva Charity to create a place, where ideas can be developed and tried how to transform our society so we can live in harmony with nature and each other. To give an impulse to realise in our hearts a deep connection with ourselves, each other, people around us and all life on Earth.

At this time of great transformation, we feel that it is important to fuse spiritual dimensions and practical ecological pursuits. So we wil trial and evolve ecological construction, permaculture, renewable technologies, geomancy, arts, crafts and healthy living as well as supporting each other in finding ways of acting on the basis of our heart quality, for the greater good of all.

We have chosen the Croatian Island Brac for this project because it is the focus of a heart centre that channels cosmic love, and distributes the Earth’s vital energy across a wide region. The sea also plays a vital role in transforming outdated patterns, and a number of impulses for change have manifested close by in the sea as well as on the land. A few of us have started the process of researching the Geomantic configuration of Brac and activating this heart centre. 

Here are the aims and objectives Gea Viva's founding members Sabine Engelhardt, Urša Vidic and Alda Gerchi have developed:



Sabine Engelhardt