Venusflower opening

Klaus-Dieter and Vanya

Volker Sieber

Venus flower garden


The secrets of the Venus flower

Klaus-Dieter Straub, Volker Sieber and Vanya Krönke-Sprick created a venus flower on the Gea Viva Site in Mai 2014. This is where the vegetable garden is now located.

If the Venus flower was to show her orbit as a beam of light, it would describe this wonderful flower shape with five petals in the course of eight years. On the one hand, this orbit shows the special relationship between the Venus and the Earth, on the other her pattern being very similar to an apple or rose flower hints at being a sign of love, just in the way that the Goddess Venus has always been recognized as the Goddess of love.

The other secret is hidden in its geometrical construction, being harmonious and based on the golden section. All parts of its sections and all the circles that can be drawn through intersection points have this wonderful harmonious proportion. The Venus flower is thus a form full of harmony and balance, similar to a five sides star, but through the sweep of her circle sections, it is much softer, more graceful and more feminine. When retracing the form with one's footsteps, one uncovers yet another secret: it is an infinitive loop. In big loops one is let through all its parts back to where one started. If several people walk the Venus flower they always meet at its nodes. For me this is a symbol that everything in the world is interwoven, interconnected and in eternal harmony.

The special power of the Venus flower lies not only in its harmonious proportions but it also brings harmony: like an organ it can take on and send energy. Emitted by the planet Venus, this flower receives impulses of cosmic love directed towards the Earth. Following the flower's loops outwards in one can feel how this impulse of cosmic love penetrates deeper and deeper into the Earth. Walking it from inside towards its perimeter, how the Earth opens towards the cosmos. It is like a process of in- and out breath.

Apart from allowing us to experience the play of cosmic love between Venus and the Earth, the Venus flower also shows that everything is interconnected. All is one in love and creation: human beings - animals- plants - stone - earth - universe. The Venus flower represents the loving, all encompassing harmonious interconnection in the world. Therefore she is a sign of peace, and stands for balance between humans, populations, races and genders. Walking the Venus flower clockwise or antilock wise, one evokes masculine or feminine energies. It bears yet another secret: following the pattern clockwise, one reaches the tips of the petals antilock wise and vice versa. This illustrates is harmonizing power. The Venus flowers that are being created, connect the Earth and the people through their impulse of love.

We are happy and grateful that we were able to create this Venus flower in Croatia, in Milna on the island Brac at this beautiful and special place below the stone circle auditorium. It is a positive and powerful location, and one can feel already, that the stone circle auditorium and the Venus flower have connected with one another and compliment each other. Within a week we completed the flower, and the four of us were able to experience the love and harmony this flower emits. May it continue to support and energize this place, the plants growing there, the local animals, the people of Milna and Brac, and the whole of Dalmatia.

As far as I am aware, this is the first Venus flower, that will house flowers and a vegetable garden and that has a well in its centre. This idea of Sabine compliments the invigorating power of the Venus flower and illustrates how the vitalizing energy of the water emerges from the centre of the Earth.

We are happy to see how this flower already shines and how it harmoniously blends with the landscape. May it be a blessing to the plants and the animals and give love to the people.

Klaus-Dieter Straub and Vanya Krönke-Sprick for the opening of the Venus flower at Gea Viva in Milna, 16th Mai 2014.