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Drystone walling workshop with Dragodid

Sustainability on the island - past, present, future

Milna | Island Brac | Croatia

Amongst the 18 projects supported by the ministry of rural development is our seminar series 'Sustainability on the island - past, present, future!", which will take place int he first half of 2015 in co-operation with association Dragodid, the local school and the cultural centre in Milna.

These activities are intenended to give some inspiration how island life could be even more sustainable. In short by keeping alive historic skills like working with stone and wool, knowing about wild plants and by taking on board new techniques such as harvesting solar power and familiarising ourselves with Permaculture.

The seminars will be:

  • 'Felting' by the association Ruta from the island Cres (20.-21. February 2015)

  • 'Edible wild plants' by Tija Mlinac ( for children 18. March 2015 or 27. March in case of rain, for adults 22. March or 29 March in case of rain)

  • 'Introduction to Permaculture gardening' by Sabine Engelhardt (17. and 18. April 2015)

  • 'Maintaining traditional dry-stone houses' by Dragodid (8. - 9. May 2015)

  • 'Constructing solar thermal panels' by the association ZMAG (5. -6. June 2015)

  • Well done, Manuela Kaniški, who did the lion share of writing the application!

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