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Stone circle auditorium 'Celebrating the power of the heart'

Gea Viva Site | Milna | Island Brac | Croatia

Crafted by an international team of seven artists, the carvings in this stone circle honour the power and intelligence of the heart. They explore how we can create a culture that brings us in balance with the natural world and ensures that we have a positive collective future which empowers all of us. This artwork is an Earth acupuncture (Geopuncture) and supports the unfolding of heart qualities in us as well as in the landscape.

In this time of great economic, environmental and social change, we are faced with the questions how to transform and evolve our lives to care for the Earth, live in harmony with nature, to provide for one another and to ensure that everybody can lead a good life.

Key in this process is to recognize and honour the power of our hearts. Researchers have found that the electromagnetic field of the heart is 60 times stronger than that of the brain, and that the heart’s field contains information or coding that is transmitted throughout as well as outside the body.

So if we cultivate our heart’s intelligence and start to act from the power of our hearts, we can easily shift our lives, make a difference to others’ lives and collectively to our planet. When we come into balance, find and live our personal visions, we can fully step into our role of joyful co-creators in the ongoing process of global transformation.

Exploring the qualities that help us to accomplish this shift, our team of seven artists and geomancers designed and carved reliefs (cosmogrammes) for each of the six standing and two lying stones. They form the surroundings for an auditorium - an outdoor theatre embedded in an olive grove, that hosts events and meditations.

Organized by Sabine Engelhardt, a geomancer and architect, this Earth acupuncture project draws on the ancient science of Geomancy, the Western tradition of Feng Shui. This is the knowledge to communicate with the unseen multidimensional aspects of the cosmos, and create environments that bring us into harmony with nature.

This auditorium is a joyful celebration of the famous Brac stone, the heart quality the island embodies and the transformative power of our hearts. Thank you to all who contributed to this creation including the quarry Brkate who donated the stones, Kavadur who cut them and GM-Grafik for printing. Cosmogrammes were created by Annette Frederking, Sabine Engelhardt, Ingrid Tasch, Ivana Petan, Urša Vidic, Manuela Kaniški and Margan D. Kalb. For photos and detailed descriptions of all cosmogrammes, please refer to the brochure.

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