Gea Viva base in Milna, Island Brač

Celebrating Nature- together we can make amazing things happen

The Gea Viva site is 10 minutes' walk from the harbour town Milna. It is developing into a place that supports people to relax, grow, unfold their potential, heal, realize their divine purpose and to find balance within themselves and with their surroundings. It should become a place of encouter, inspiration and creativity, where we contribute jointly, practically and spiritually, to creating a society, in which we realize from the depth of our hearts, that we are deeply connected with one another, people around us and all life on Earth. A place where we support each other, to find ways of acting from the impulse of our hearts for the greater good of all.

In the last three years a multitude of workshops and projects took place on site. In June 2013 we created a stone circle and added seating in April 2014 to turn it into the event space stone circle auditorium, which we opened in September 2014.

Photos of the process

Klaus-Dieter Straub, Volker Sieber and Vanya Krönke-Sprick built a Venus flower in May 2014 which is now home to the Permaculture garden. As a seminar space we constructed a roundwood pavillion in May 2014. As a special entrance feature we created a giant mosaic dragon with Robert Lisac in August 2014.

We are currently completing the Summer kitchen, a ferrocement construction with a form based on the golden section.
In Summer 2015 the site received its licence as a camp and trip destination.

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