Sabine Engelhardt

Sabine is a founding member of Gea Viva, where she frequently hosts and facilitates events around the themes of geomancy, the Divine feminine, permaculture and eco living. Cultivating this connection with the sacred, unseen layers of the Earth over many years, Sabine has brought together many groups exploring Earth energies in creative, collaborative processes and initiated two Earth acupuncture circles. She is passionate about supporting individuals in communicating with the wisdom of nature, getting in touch with their inner guidance and finding their unique expression. A geomancer, eco architect and facilitator, Sabine carries out space clearings and researches the wisdom of Vestal priestesses.

Recently, she hosted the Fifth International Lifenet gathering, 'Celebrating our co-creation with Gaia', which brought together fellow earth energy workers from all over Europe. She is also a pioneering member of Lifenet, and founded the Earth Energies Network, its UK organisation.

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Margan Kalb

Margan is a geomancer, leads geomantic excursions and journeys, has led underwater and above water geopunctures as well as various lithopunctures. She is and author (geo-mantic excursion guide of Carinthia ….),outdoor educator, teacher for chemistry and physics, biological farmer, mother of three daughters and dragon researcher. More in German..

Manuela Kaniški

Manuela has completed two years of geomantic education (Center for Education „Majcni“, Slovenia, teacher Nebojša Lončar). She has carried out geomantic work on private and public places in Croatia, Slovenia and Italy. Dedicated to geomancy pilgrimages, Manuela focusses on further development of holistic perception and awareness of the multidimensional nature of human and the Eart,h with a desire to heal and to activate our authentic quality's as well as authentic quality's of the soul of the Earth embodied in a particular landscape. More...

Annette Frederking

Annette holds a diploma in landscape maintenance and is a eutony educator.
For her, the wellbeing of the Earth and human beings are inseparably connected. Leading geomantic pilgrimages and seminars to experience nature, Annette is also engaged in geomantic projects and teaches courses in eutony (Eu-tonus= well-being tension). More in German.....

Urša Vidic

Urša works as a translator and simultaneous interpreter from German and English into Slovenian and has attended the school of geomancy by Marko and Ajra Pogačnik.

Within this project on the island of Brač she is interested in the artistic expression of a landscape which can connect beauty with authenticity.

Alda Gerchi

Trained as an nursery educator, Alda Gerchi has also gained a diploma in Horticulture. She now lives in the UK and has designed a children's playground for the eco village Lammas in Wales.

Alda Gerchi is interested in permaculture, ecological food, medicinal plants, eco building, biodiversity, land art and painting.

Ivana Petan

Ivana's fields of work are mostly ceramic art and geomancy. She lives in Ljubljana, Slovenia. More..

Ingrid Tasch

Ingrid is a geomancer and interiour designer. She explores sites and gardens and investigates cities and landscapes geomantically: their soul purpose, energetic configuration and constitution. Since 2011 she has been leading geomantic trips and seminars for holistic perception, personal spiritual development and to pay heed to the current Earth changes. More...

Karmela Kiš

Karmela Kiš, renowned permaculture designer, has long-standing experience in permaculture, organic gardening and ecological garden design. In 2010 she earned her Permaculture Diplomas as an recognition for her wealth of knowledge.

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Robert Lisac

Robert Lisac specializes in creating mosaic portraits, which emerge at night when his children are asleep. He also enjoys spontaneus and intuitive mosaic projects that reach beyond portraits. Having studied sports, he worked as a martial arts teacher, in the tourist sector and in marketing, published a few books (on Taoism, martial arts and mosaics) and finally set up his own business to dedicate his time fully to creating mosaic portraits.
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Morana Depoli

Morana Depoli creates unique clothes, accessories and pottery. She describes herself as a craftsperson, although many consider her an artist. She believes that each of us has the ability to be an artist, only this aspect has not been recognized and activated. Her wish is that many of us become responsible, awake our powers and start creating, as opposed to be passive consumers. More...

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Tea Smonker Selena

Holding a magister in social work Tea Smonker Selena works as a councellor for supervision and education for the social services in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

In the last few years, she has been working with healing sounds, such as gong baths, singing bowl massage, gong and laughter yoga, gong treatments and workshops, and she has also performed in gong concerts in Slovenia and Croatia. More...
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