Robert Lisac, Volker Sieber

Sanja Zivković, Meri Sodan and Morana Depoli

lonka Vukas and dragoness

Workshop Creating a mosaic dragon

Led by Robert Lisac, a workshop took place from 7th-13th August 2014 on the Gea Viva site to create a mosaic dragon sculpture. Located at the entrance to the stone circle auditorium, the eight-metre sculture is made from ferrocement and stone, and the dragon skin consist of ceramic tiles. This is what Robert writes: ‘I adore active holidays and this week on Brač certainly falls into this category – with a creative group of people we spent four days carrying stones and mixing concrete before glueing on the first tiles.

We had a wild rhythm of work, some of us started at 6 a.m. and we stopped when it got too hot at about midday. In the morning break we took a hearty breakfast. As Sabine has a permaculture garden, the food was great! After lunch horizontal relaxation ensued or hunting for Wifi alongside enjoying vitamin B in liquid form – of course I am talking about beer. Volker, a volunteer from Germany, even cooked beer soup. From we had another work session. Photos

The international group from Germany, Serbia, France, Slovenia and Croatia (Morana Depoli, Volker Sieber, Sanja Zivkovic, Magdalena Jankovic, Meri Sodan, Doris Aviani, Josip Antunijevic, Tihomir, Metod Horjak, Katjuša Masnec Horjak, Jure Bizjak i Bogdan Krescisin) gave everything to create this sculpture. At first we thought we were creating a dragon, but after a while she showed herself as a dragoness. This became clear when we visited the dragon’s cave, which is without doubt embued with feminine energy, but this is another story. The guide Zoran introduced us to the history and many interesting aspects of the cave, and I strongly recommend visiting the dragon’s cave and then the dragoness at the Gea Viva site.

St. George and the dragon are symbols of Brac, and St George slays it with his spear. The dragon stands for creativity and sexual energy, amongst others, and we wanted it to embody these aspects and, of course, be alive, in contrast to these tragic tales, in which the dragon always dies at the end. We also wanted to create the dragoness for the dragon energy to reawake and symbolize respect for and co-creation between the Earth and humanity.’

Taken from RoArt d.o.o. Newsletter

The mosaic artist Ilonka Vukas from Stuttgart, took this project further in September 2014 with volunteers Goranka Pagon, Sara Pagon, Manuela Geisler and Sabine Engelhardt). Here are photos of her additions.

This project was a great synergy between two artists and three groups of volunteers.

The dragoness story will be continued from 25.-27.4.2015 when Robert Lisac will come again to teach the second part of the workshop for beginners and experienced people. You are welcome to join this active holiday, learning by doing and socializing. Free camping on the Gea Viva site.

More information and registration: Sabine Engelhardt: +385 99 7493711.

Manuela Kaniski