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Carving workshop

Carving workshop

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New cosmogramme by Urša Vidic


Geopuncture 'Experiencing oneness -
co-creating synery living'

Park Prirode | Sutivan | Island Brac | Croatia

This arts project investigates how we can create a culture in which we live in harmony with the Earth, all its beings and each other. It explores what could help us to create a deeper connection between cultures, genders, religions, moral standards and economic systems. Created by twelve artists, its carvings (cosmogrammes) capture aspects that assist us in experiencing oneness and give an impulse that might be able help in this process. Created in September 2012 by the Gea Viva team and extended in November 2013, it features 10 standing stones with 22 cosmogrammes.

Initiated by Sabine Engelhardt and assisted by Wolfgang A. Tiller, the project team members were Urša Vidic, Alda Gerchi, Margan Kalb, Larissa Cap, Johanna Heer-Weber, Martina Mayer, Monika Maierhofer, Andro Nigoević, , Markus Struever and Salvatore Cali. The carving workshop took place at the eco farm Zogeterra in Nerežišća, and the stones were set into the context of an amphitheatre at the private zoo Park Prirode in Sutivan by Stipo Jurić.

At the highest spiritual level, we all emerge from the divine source, are deeply interconnected and even one organism. This means that whatever disservice we give to anyone or anything is actually a disservice to ourselves. In geomancy, the art and science to communicate with the subtle and unseen dimensions of the universe, this sense of oneness not only applies to interactions between human beings, but also includes plants, animals, the Earth, the sea, stone, stars and all living beings that are part of life.

As research has shown, not only actions but thoughts already have an impact on ourselves and everything around us.  In his book 'Messages from Water' the Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto shows with his photos of water crystals that our thoughts, for example, alter the molecular structure of water. Our bodies are about 70% water, so imagine what this means if we think negatively about ourselves, anyone or anything around us. Mastering one's thoughts is a great challenge, but certainly a good starting point and worth every effort.

Once we manage to act from the deep understanding that all life is one at its highest level, we can create a society where everyone has everything they need for life and in which we transcend the notion that if I win, somebody else loses. Every person can make decisions that have a positive outcome for everyone. Such a society would create abundance, peace, harmony and care for the Earth and all life. This is a big vision, but maybe we could start with small steps, feeling oneness at times and act upon it as much as we can? For this, the cosmogrammes are intended to give an impulse.

Cosmogrammes communicate with us through a 'green language'. Using this language, we interact with the subtle dimensions of existence, then translate and express these dimensions in the physical (material) realm. 

Our reality is multidimensional: We exist, work and live in the physical world that we experience with our five senses, and at the same time we are an integral part of spiritual, emotional dimensions and of the vital-energy field. Each of us can directly experience these dimensions through and with his or her subtle body. This language is vivid and dynamic, the language of primeval and pristine primary forces, the language that interconnects humans, as well as the landscape.

This way of communicating allows people across different cultures and centuries to discuss and share ideas about the universe and each person's place in it. It is a tool to communicate with nature and the landscape around us; it allows us to explore our relationship and connection with the natural world. The tones and vibrations of this language can reach into the very core of being and when the heart is fully opened. Being associated with the colour green, the heart chakra is a portal of pure, direct experience of ourselves and nature that is an inseparable part of us. At first sight, this language might seem nothing more than a series of symbols and phrases, but it with some practice, a new world unfolds.  

Photos of the Geopuncture.

Manuela Kaniški and Sabine Engelhardt