Morana Depoli

Fruitful cooperation between Morana Depoli and the association Gea Viva
Unique T-shirts with cosmogrammes

Morana Depoli describes herself as a craftsperson, although many consider her an artist. She believes that each of us has the ability to be an artist, only this aspect has not been recognized and activated. Her wish is that many of us become responsible, awake our powers and start creating, as opposed to be passive consumers.

Here is what she says about herself, her work and collaboration with our association: "Our life calling shows iteself in early childhood and we often forget it, but we return to it through strenghtening and encouragment. Handicrafts followed me through life and I developed further during the years, thanks to my grandmother, a sewing teacher, and to myself, always in search for my medium of expression.

Today, at the age of 30, I feel much closer to the work that really brings me happiness and fulfillment - making ceramics and sewing. I percieve sewing as assembling surfaces, colors, and creating products that profoundly effect our being. This is the reason why I rarely use the color black, and why I love colorful and unique pieces. This is the way we are – each one of us different, and this is what wee need to nuture we have to nurture as our strength.

The clothes we wear offer a space that can be imprint, thus providing the opportunity to send a message into the world, a vibration that supports this time of transformation for us and for the Earth, with which we are inseparably connected.

Right here is where a space for collaboration with the association Gea Viva opened in such a natural way.

On the T-shirts I create, we printed cosmograms of several authors (Ivana Petan, Urša Vidic, Manuela Kaniški and Sabine Engelhardt) from the stone circle on Gea Viva’s land in Milna on Brač. They came to life in a new way and the cosmograms, which carry a strong message of celebrating the power of the Heart, are being sent to a wider audience, who is attracted to them in a simple way. "

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