Manuela Kaniški

geoengineer (M.A. focus environmental sciences), geomancer, nomad

My encounter with geomancy in 2006 marks the beginning of new and more meaningful life. I have completed two years of geomantic education (Center for Education „Majcni“, Slovenia, teacher Nebojša Lončar), and have been carrying out geomantic work on private and public sites in Croatia, Slovenia and Italy.

Dedicated to geomantic pilgrimages, I focus on advancing holistic perception and the awareness of the multidimensional nature of humanity and the Earth, with a desire to heal and activate our authentic qualities as well those of the soul of the Earth, embodied in a particular landscape. This authenticity should become a leading quality in our daily lives so we can co-create a new, meaningful culture based on the economy of sharing, prosperity, joy, respect and preserving diversity and natural resources.

In 2013 I participated in the project „Honouring the power of the heart“ on croatian Island of Brac. Living from the heart, to celebrate the power and intelligence of the heart, is not just a romantic expression, but a state of deep connection with our essence. It indicates a state of being to act from in everyday life. If neither our Soul and nor the expression of our heart quality are present in our daily lives, we are focussed on our mental capacity, involved in our emotional patterns and social obligations. If we are fearful and always ask „How do I survive'“, then we are note whole, not connected with our true nature and purpose of existence.

To help us all to overcome this, we have created a stone circle on the island of Brac in Croatia. This stone circle is designed and placed to create and open a space where everyone can connect to their own heart quality and express this quality in their everyday lives. This stone circle has become a place that connects and opens the possibility for people to evolve individually and creatively, and at the same time to connect on the deeper level with the landscape, the Earth and the community.

Until 31.1.2014 our crowdfunding campaign was active to transform the stone circle into an auditorium, to give it an additional dimension and function as a common living space of Human and Earth.
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