Ivana Petan

My field of work is mainly ceramics, which I consciously evolve on the basis of geomancy - my own functional and art ceramics, as well as the pottery and ceramic courses I lead. This is quite a natural process, since clay is a mother-earth-material that by itself teaches us a attuned and harmonic touch, which through respect and relating leads to successful creation. In the process of firing all other three elements are involved, so tuning into water, air and fire is necessary for the completion of ceramic work.Creativity itself always includes connection and attuning to intuition and invisible dimensions, where our guides and inspirations abide.

I have a degree in social pedagogy (University of Ljubljana), have finished the School of geomancy and personal development (lead by Marko and Ajra Pogačnik), and I am currently finishing post-graduate studies of Philosophy and Theory of Visual Culture (University of Primorska, Koper). I've acquired my skills of ceramic and pottery education in Ljubljana (from potters Urban Magušar and Ines Kovačič).

Since 2000 I have had solo exhibitions in Slovenia and abroad. Also I collaborate in international geomantic projects and do my own geomantic work. From time to time I dance butoh and teach geomancy.

And all this 'works' are just a surplus, visible manifestations, of everyday living, where real - essential - art, geomancy, com-passion, joy and creativity are born and experienced.