Ingrid Tasch

My first independent geomancy project was the Danube Delta trip, where I am literally jumped into cold water. This journey led me through the water labyrinth of the Danube river at the gate to the Black Sea, and I learned about the importance of diversity at all levels. The evolution brings so many life forms into existence, not because the strongest survive only, but because complexity and diversity only advance life. This was the key message at the mouth of the river that unites Europe. I realized how important it is to maintain biodiversity, to keep life in all its forms.

This was followed by further trips , up to twelve per year, all of which had separate themes, that made me go through various processes and initiations. In Rome, for example, I have learned, that in order to gain true freedom, one must first come to one's inner core, where one's own force pulsates like a sun. From this reservoir you can infinitely create and you will be independent and free.

To take this path is an interesting but challenging school. I entered into a relationship with the mother of life and all the beings who are part of the Earth Cosmos. In practice, this entails listening to the communication with them and following, for example, by integrating the Earth and body changes into everyday life. I write down the messages I get in dreams or at places and I am looking for an expression for it in the workshops I lead but also in artistic activities, such as the carving of cosmogrammes.

For several years I have been working on the geomantic decryption and harmonization of my home town Mühldorf a. Inn in Upper Bavaria and former home towns , like Schoenberg in the Bavarian Forest or Hellburg/Siria in Romania, but I explore and accompany other places too. Since 2009, I offer the service to investigate

land, and I specialize in finding places of power and communication at a soul level. My vision for the future is to live in harmony with nature in an autonomous society in which everyone can do what it is intended. Through talent exchange and networking, everyone gets what she/he needs and weaves in freedom the diversity of the Earth.

Ingrid Tasch is a decorator and Geomancer, who lives and works in Germany. More information about her and her international projects is on her website (in German) and on facebook: Ingrid Tasch and Inmata Geomantie (in German). Here is more information about the Danube Delta, cosmogrammes , workshops and research trips by Ingrid Tasch.