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Tuesday, March 7 2017

Children's boat building workshop


We will receive funding from the ministry of rural developent to run this workshop from 2nd-6th May in cooperation with the school in Milna and the assocation Stolart. Well done, Manuela Kaniški for having written the application!

Without boats life on the coast was impossible. Built of wood and propelled by oars or the wind - boats merged the forces of man and nature. Each of them would emerge under the hands of hardworking people who knew their craft.

During this creative workshop, “StolArt” enables school children from Milna to create a boat with their own hands. Supported by experts, children learn to use their grandfathers' tools. Within a few days they witness the process of cutting the first plywood sheet to launching the finished boat!

The workshop will be funded by the ministry of rural development, the tourist office and cultural centre in Milna.

More information:, 099 749 37 11

Thursday, March 3 2016

Miracles happen

Many times over the last few years money has been very tight to keep Gea Viva running, and sometimes it was on my mind that I might need to find a day job to secure an income. Whenever I meditated, messages were 'Your task is this project. You are on your path. Money will start flowing.', and so it happened - just like a miracle. Gea Viva received two donations of 5000 Euros from an Austrian gentleman on recommendation of the geomancer Marko Pogačnik. No one directly involved in Gea Viva knows him. A big thank you!

Now we can prepare the site for the Lifenet meeting, our biggest event this year, build an event tent, finish the kitchen and get a basic supply of electricity. With the tent, the structural engineer Ante Runjić from Split is kindly giving his services free of charge. Low and behold, we already have a reservations for the tent in Summer by a group from Slovenia holding an Acro Yoga workshop.

This year the 72-hour permaculture design course taught by Miroslav Kiš is booking well, but we still have some places. It will be great to have another Permaculture group on site. Registrations for the Lifenet meeting are open until 1st April, and I am sure it will be an inspiring festival. After the meeting, Marko Pogačnik will offer a three-day geomancy excursion in Split and Imotski.

In case anyone drives from Germany to Croatia before June, and has some space in their car, please get in touch as we need to buy some things for the conference.

Love, Sabine Engelhardt, Manuela Kaniški and the Gea Viva team

Thursday, October 1 2015

Gea Viva Newsletter - January 2015


May your dreams come true this year! This is a section of an artpiece Saša Petejan created at the Gea Viva site for what she would like to invite into her life this year. Three of us deeply connected with what we would each like to experience in the next twelve months. In this exercise I got the sense that for the network of people around the Gea Viva project it is important to cooperate with the plant kingdom, to celebrate and to create ceremonies and to find new ways of interacting within the human community and with the natural world.

Only a few days of the new year have passed, and we are head over heels into our new projects. You are warmly invited to join us for any of these events in Milna on the island Brac:

   20th-21st February Felting wool with Vesna Jakic, Ruta, island Cres.
   20th March Collecting and preparing Wild plants with Tija Mlinac, Sutivan, island Brac.
   17th and 18th April Introduction to Permaculture with Sabine Engelhardt, Gea Viva, Brac.
   25th-27th April Creating a mosaic dragon II with Robert Lisac, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
   8th-9th May Repairing traditional stone shelters and drystone walls with Filip Bubalo, Dragodid, island Vis.
   9th-21st May Volunteercamp to create a Summer kitchen
   23rd May-5th June 72-hour permaculture design course with Karmela and Miroslav Kiš supported by Sabine Engelhardt
   5th-6th June Constructing solar thermal panels with  Faton Berzati, association ZMAG, Dubranec
   20th-26th June Meeting the goddess with Sabine Engelhardt, Gea Viva.
   31st July Resonance trance concert with Tea Smonker Selena, Ljubljana,  Marko Boško and Dejo Lif, Zagreb
   1st-6th August Gong baths with Tea Smonker Selena, Ljubljana and Marko Boško, Zagreb

We will also celebrate year festivals in the stone circle auditorium. For more information about seminars and events, please visit our website. Outside these times you can also come to volunteer you can camp on site as a guest.

We are looking forward to all the encounters, events and happy times this year!

Sabine Engelhardt, Manuela Kaniški and the Gea Viva team.

Friday, July 24 2015

Resonance trance concert 31.7. and Gong baths 1.-6.8.

auditorium13.jpg Resonance Trance concert 31. 7. 2015 at 20.30h Stone Circle Auditorium, Milna, Brač

With gongs, gitar, didgeredoo and song, we will create a sound space for deep relaxation and healing at the time of the full moon.

“May the long time sun shine upon you, all love surround you, and the pure light within you guide your way on". Mike Heron

Gong baths from 1.8. to 6.8.2015. at 18.30h Stone Circle Auditorium, Milna, Brač

During the gong baths we create a sound environment that resonates with five layers of your body, the physical, energetic, emotional, knowledge and bliss body. The gong baths enable deep relaxation, cleansing and balancing of your chakras. Being your body's energy centres, the main chakras have a diameter of seven to ten centimetres, generate and supply vital organs with life energy.

All gong baths take you through the whole process of reneval, but it is also possible to attend just some of them.

Timetable 1.8.2015 - root and sacral chakras 2.8.2015 solar plexus, 3.8.2015 heart chakra 4.8.2015 throat chaktra, 5.8.2015 third eye, 6.8.2015 crown chakra.

Tea Smonker Selena is a gong master from Ljubljana, Slovenia, (school of Don Conreau, New York), leads gong yoga and has been cooperating with Tribal Jam Orchestra from Zagreb for five years. She plays gongs, other ancient instruments, sings at sound baths and concerts. In Ljubljana she runs the programme gong - resonant transfromation. Member of Gea Viva.

Marko Boško is co-founder of Tribal Jam Orchestra (Zagreb) which he has been leading for five years. He plays gongs, other ancient instruments, sings and organizes koncerts and gong baths in Slovenia and Croatia.

Dejo Lif is from Zagreb and has been playing gitar, drums and other instruments at Tribal Jam Orchestra for three years. He also plays in the band Vibrice (Zagreb) and cooperates with other musicians.

Tickets are available for 70 HRK per event at the the cafe Fjaka and at the 'door'. Information and registration:, T +385 99 7493711 and T +38640226045

Friday, October 31 2014

Celebrating Samhain


31st October marks the beginning of the new year according to Celtic tradition. People used to bring out the skulls of their ancestors to connect with them. Carving the pumkins, we explored the hidden parts of ourselves that we would like to develop, meditated in the stone circle auditorium, lit a fire and the pumkins, of course, and we cooked Jerusalem artichokes and aubergines in the fire.

Sabine Engelhardt

Monday, October 13 2014

Gea Viva's activities are being funded by the Croatian government

mosaicdragon.jpg Amongst the 18 projects supported by the ministry of rural development is our seminar series 'Sustainability on the island - past, present, future!", which will take place int he first half of next year in co-operation with association Dragodid, the local school and the cultural centre in Milna.

The seminars will be:

  • 'Felting' by the association Ruta from the island Cres,
  • 'Edible wild plants' by Tija Mlinac,
  • 'Maintaining traditional dry-stone houses' by the association Dragodid from the island Vis,
  • 'Constructing solar thermal panels' by the association ZMAG and
  • an 'Introduction to Permaculture gardening' by Sabine Engelhardt.

Well done, Manuela Kaniški, who did the lion share of writing the application!

Article in Croatian.

Sunday, October 12 2014

Annette Frederking created a wonderful new cosmogramme for the Stone circle auditorium

giving-receiving.jpg "Giving and Receiving: In our time a lot of suffering arises due to egotistical, aggressive and unbalanced taking. This cosmogramme gives an impulse for the interplay of giving and receiving. It strengthens our trust, that we receive all we require and shows the fullfillment that lies in giving." Annette Frederking

The second phase of the dragon

Ilonkavukas.jpg The mosaic artist Ilonka Vukas from Stuttgart came to lead an impromptu workshop to advance our dragon lady, which Robert Lisac had started to create. Here are some photos of her wonderful additions. She is a great teacher and has the idea to set up a unique camp site on the Croatian coast. More will follow. Robert Lisac is planning to come back in April to finish the sculpture, and volunteers are warmly welcome. We will keep you posted.

A great celebration


On Saturday, 27th September was the opening concert for the stone circle auditorium - a unique venue at the Gea Viva site, in an olive grove overlooking the sea. Further events will evolve in cooperation with artists and other organisations. The evening began in Milna, where about 100 local people and tourists, old and young, were greeted by Sabine Engelhardt and musicians from Tribal Jam Orchestra, who played while the group was walking to the auditorium.

In the auditorium, the artists who had created the carvings and members of Gea Viva - Manuela Kaniški, Urša Vidic, Ingrid Tasch, Annette Frederking, Ivana Petan and Sabine Engelhardt (Margan Kalb could not be present) presented the work of the association Gea Viva, explained the meaning of the stone circle and thanked all that have supported Gea Viva so far with donations and volonteering.

Gea Viva's work is about creating sustainable ways of living, empowering each individual to develop his or her talents and unique expression to jointly create a culture that is in balance with our natural environment and in which everybody's needs are met.

Klapa Mrduja from Milna warmed the hearts of our guests with traditional Dalmatian harmony singing. The band OPG from Dubrovnik then took the stage, with their original, 'natural' ingenious texts and sounds about Kurkuma, carrots etc. OPG were really enjoying themselves and this joy soon spread across the audience. In the break, pumkin soup, aubergine dip and sweets were on offer, prepared by the Gea Viva members and Lina Labetić with ingredients from the permaculture garden on site. Drinks were donated by the pubs and cafes in Milna.

The gong master Tea Smonker from Slovenia and Tribal Jam Orchestra from Zagreb rounded off the evening with their music to dance and meditate, played on wooden instruments from different cultures, amongst them flutes, drums and digeredoos. At the end the whole audience was on their feet! Manuela Kaniški created this beautiful film for you to relive the event.

All evening one could feel the synergy between the musicians and the audience, and the energy of all that have cooperated in this project. It was a beautiful reminder of the beginning, the geomantic research of different places on the island, which we continued this year with our Hercules project, the heart qualities the island embodies, carving the famous Brac stone, creating the stone circle, a successful crowdfunding campaign, the workshops to build the seating in the stone circle and to restore the dry-stone walling, the venus flower, the permaculture course and creating the giant mosaic dragon at the entrance of the auditorium.

Manuela Kaniški and Sabine Engelhardt

Hercules - a hero's journey

geavivateam.png From 20th-27th September six of us (Manuela Kaniški, Annette Frederking, Ingrid Tasch, Urša Vidic, Manuela Geisler and Sabine Engelhardt) met for the project 'Hercules - a hero's journey'. We explored the deeper meaning Hercules and his labours, their significance for us today and we visited places on Brač that embody qualities and principles we found. Hercules is significant on many levels, for example it is the principle to grow and stretch beyond what one would find easy to accomplish and to tackle challenges that appear impossible to surmount, to take a journey to become 'god-like', in terms of consciously creating one's life experiences and to co-operate with forces and beings on many levels. To all our surprise, Hercules showed himself several times in our meditation as quite small beings that needs our support and recognition. The whole projected started with a Hercules relief, that was carved in Roman times in the quarry of Splitska on Brač, from where stone was quarried for the Diocletian palace in Split.

Friday, September 12 2014

Fruitful cooperation between Morana Depoli and the association Gea Viva: Unique T-shirts with cosmogrammes

moranadepoli.png Morana Depoli describes herself as a craftsperson, although many consider her an artist. She believes that each of us has the ability to be an artist, only this aspect has not been recognized and activated. Her wish is that many of us become responsible, awake our powers and start creating, as opposed to be passive consumers.

Here is what she says about herself, her work and collaboration with our association: "Our life calling shows itself in early childhood and we often forget it, but we return to it through strengthening and encouragement. Handicrafts followed me through life and I developed them further during the years, thanks to my grandmother, a sewing teacher, and to myself, always in search for my medium of expression.

Today, at the age of 30, I feel much closer to the work that really brings me happiness and fulfillment - making ceramics and sewing. I perceive sewing as assembling surfaces, colors, and creating products that profoundly affect our being. This is the reason why I rarely use the color black, and why I love colorful and unique pieces. This is the way we are – each one of us different, and this is what we need to nurture as our strength.

The clothes we wear offer a space that can imprint, thus providing the opportunity to send a message into the world, a vibration that supports this time of transformation for us and for the Earth, with which we are inseparably connected.

Right here is where a space for collaboration with the association Gea Viva opened in such a natural way.


On the T-shirts I create, we printed cosmogrammes of several authors (Ivana Petan, Urša Vidic, Manuela Kaniški and Sabine Engelhardt) from the stone circle on Gea Viva’s land in Milna on Brač. They came to life in a new way and the cosmogrammes, which carry a strong message of celebrating the power of the Heart, are being sent to a wider audience, who is attracted to them in a simple way. "

For more information about T-shirts made by Morana, click here

More pictures

Our roundwood pavilion is completed

pavilion.png This is my first building as an architect in Croatia! Thank you to Mario of Kralj Trske and Zelko Storek. Our pavilion looks wonderful. The roof covering is reed, which grows in the Neretva region, about 90 km from here. The posts are local pine treated with Borax and Linseed oil. Sabine Engelhardt Pictures

A giant dragon sculpture!

zmaj.png A giant dragon is emerging on site. Thank you to the mosaic artist Robert Lisac who led the workshop and to Morana Depoli, Volker Sieber, Sanja Zivkovic, Magdalena Jankovic, Meri Sodan, Doris Aviani, Josip Antunijevic, Tihomir, Metod Horjak, Katjuša Masnec Horjak, Jure Bizjak Feniksovo Srce and Bogdan Kreščišin who contributed to our very special creation. Spending time on the Gea Viva site, was for Metod and Katjuša "Our best holiday ever!" Wonderful! In Geomancy, by the way, dragons stand for primal earth forces and for creativity and sexuality in us humans. St. George is the patron saint of the island Brač, and kills the dragon. Our dragon is just reawakening and symbolizes respect for and creative cooperation with the Earth. Pictures

More information about Robert Lisac (in Slovenian).

Thursday, June 19 2014

72-hour permaculture design course 2014

brac_-_certifikati1.jpg Miroslav and Karmela Kiš taught the first international 72-hour permaculture design course on site. Tomislav Tiška held a guest lecture about hempcrete building and Sabine Engelhardt offered meditations on how to connect with nature and gave a lecture on geomancy. We had joint meals prepared by Sigrid Jansen and Sabine Engelhardt, Volker Sieber took care of many tasks on site. The majority of the course was theoretical, but we also planted a vegetable garden in the Venus flower, learnt how to take care of the newly planted trees....and at the end all participants answered that they would recommend the course to others! Congratulations to Magrit Putchky, Mirka Baaden, Tonci Zaknich, Kathrin Ruppert, Holly Cummings, Miriam Wendlik, Ursina Mueller, Jelena Vukovic who received their certificates. Permaculture is a way of life that balances the three principles of earth care, people care and fair shares by applying what we can learn from nature. Photos

Building a roundwood pavilion

pavilion.jpg To prepare for the permaculture course, we constructed a pavilion from local pine on the Gea Viva site. It is treated with Borax and linseed oil. The present plan is to finish the roof with reed. Thank you to everyone who joined in. Pictures

Drystone walling workshop 23th-24th May


Led by Filip Bubalo from the NGO Dragodid, fifteen of us took to renewing the drystone walling around the stone circle auditorium at the Gea Viva site. We built a retaining wall and seating completely without mortar! Pupils from the school in Milna joined us for a few hours to learn about this traditional and ecological technique that forms part of Croatia's heritage. Pictures Here is more information about Dragodid in Croatian and the post on the school's website.

Creating a venus flower

venusflower.jpg Thanks to the fabulous creation of Klaus-Dieter Straub and Volker Sieber, we now have a Venus flower on site. It depicts the path the Venus takes around the sun seen from the Earth, and is a wonderful place for a walking meditation and pulses with subtle energy. Vanya Krönke-Sprick was the loving support of all. Pictures Sabine Engelhardt

Saturday, May 3 2014

Building the stone circle auditorium

IMG_5112.JPG So far over twenty people got their hands dirty to build the stone circle auditorium and four rows are almost finished. A big thank you to Manuela Kaniski, Sabine von Holten, Danijel Golobic, Marina Petrovic, Ina Rose, Goranka Pagon, Mario Pavlovic, Stipe Pavlovic, Ante, Tihomir, Ina Rose, Gabrijela Zec, Josip, Josip Paškov, Mojca Cerovsek, Primoz Leben, Damir Mitraković, Sandra Remetin, Sibila Kara, Branko and Dorijan! We have done a great job!

Thursday, March 27 2014

Springtime joys

spring.png Spring equinox greetings from Brač! We celebrated here in the stone circle on 22.03.

Almost all trees we planted around New Year are now sprouting, and this is truly wonderful to witness. The rainwater cistern on site is completed, and the building office has legalized the two existing structures on site, so the possibility to construct a legal building is very close now. Of the 130 olive trees on site, I have now pruned 126, and after 2 1/2 months the end of this work is in sight and the little vegetable garden shows the first signs of life......

....and there is a lot to look forward to: A few people have signed up for the workshop to build the auditorium seating from 22.4.-4.5. If anyone of you is still free to join, we would be very pleased. Various contractors said it will take about three months to build the seating, so if you want to come any other time, your are warmly welcome. In mid-May Klaus-Dieter Straub and Vanya Krönke-Sprick will come to set up a Venus flower, linked to this planet of love in the lower garden.

Then the experienced Permaculture Gardeners Karmela and Miroslav Kiš offer a 72-hour permaculture course. We will be a wonderful international crew, and I am sure we will have a great time.

For Midsummer we will have a retreat on site, and our focus will be communicating with plants. This is a chance to learn how to tune into plants. Recently I picked up the book again about the Findhorn Garden, where people grew giant vegetables by communication with the nature spirits in the 60's.

In Summer there will be meditations and tours of the circle, and we have an amazing mosaic project with the artist Robert Lisac.

Thank you all for your support on all levels.

Love, Sabine Engelhardt, Manuela Kaniški and the Gea Viva Team

Saturday, March 1 2014

Geopuncture "Experiencing Oneness - co-creating synergy living"

IMG_4486.JPG At the 'Park Prirode' near Sutivan on the island of Brac construction works are in progress. 7 km west from the ferry port of Supetar, Park Prirode is a nature park is a place to relax and enjoy. Its new addition is the Geopuncture „Experiencing Oneness-co-creating synergy living“. The geopuncture consists of stones with carved reliefs called cosmogrammes and offers the possibility to take a break - breathe in and deep experience of our own connection and oneness with nature. This is a unique place and opportunity for visitors of the island to start their vacation more aware of our nature and nature of this island. The Geopuncture was designed and created in September 2012 by Gea Viva Team: Sabine Engelhardt, Wolfgang A. Tiller, Laissa Kap, Alda Gerchi, Johanna Heer-Weber, Margan Kalb, Martina Mayer, Monika Maierhofer, Andro Nigoević, Urša Vidic, Markus Struever and Salvatore Cali.

The cosmogrammes on the stones 'speak' about aspects that are of importance to all of us; such as opening one's heart, being connected with the Divine, bravely walking through the portals of the future, the wisdom of heaven, recognising plants and animals as our companions, connecting with the sea and the co-creation between male and female.

Here are photos of the Geopuncture.

The language of cosmogrammes is also called a „Green language“. We use this language to communicate with the subtle dimensions of existence and then translate and express these dimensions in the material, physical realm. Our reality is multidimensional, we exist, work, live in the physical world that we experience with our five senses, but at the same time we exist, work, live and are a part of the subtle dimensions: spiritual, emotional dimensions and vital-energy fields. Each of us can directly experience these dimensions through and with his subtle body. This is a living, dynamic language of primeval and pristine power, that connects and communicates with human beings as well as the landscape. This way of communication allows people across different cultures and bridge centuries to discuss and share ideas about the universe and each person's place in it. It allows us to communicate with nature and explore our relationship and connection with the landscape, we are in. For many, this language is nothing more than a series of symbols and phrases, but for those with ears that “hear”....or maybe we could say hEARt it is a means for communication. One reason for the term 'green' language is that the heart centre, or chakra is green when it is fully open. The tunes and vibrations of this language reach well beyond the ear and into the very core of our being.... right into the heart. This is the portal to experience ourselves purely and directly as well as nature as an inseparable part or us.

The nature park and Geopuncture invite all of us to communicate with the language of the heart, to experience unity in ourselves and to be connected with our divine being. It invites us to belong to and fell united with the landscape and everything around us.|L|IMG_4486.JPG, Mar 2014))

Manuela Kaniški

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